Sulfur City embodies everything rock music is supposed to be. Loud and gritty. Dangerous and unafraid. Sexual and political. The band connects directly with our restless souls and reminds us of the fiercely nonconformist nature of it.

Tour Dates 2018

Nov 14, Hard Place,  Zagreb Croatia

Nov 15, MKC Kombinat, Belgrade Serbia

Nov 16, Foxtrot, Novi Sad Serbia

Nov 17, Glam Feldbach, Feldback Austria

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“... sits beautifully with label mates the Black Keys but also harbours an intoxicating, multi-hued diversity. In the words of an old jazz correspondent, this band “slices so much ass the room is waist-deep in ass”. We say a new star has come among us.” - CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE

“This is a serious rock and roll record, something that’s vanishing faster than bees these days.” - POPMATTERS

[5/5 stars!] “Not too many bands can incorporate all the different sounds that Sulfur City does on this album. This band pretty much stands in a class by itself.” – L.A. EXAMINER

"...captures a high-octane blues band and ballsy belter with the power of Janis Joplin"                                         - BLUES MAGAZINE

"Invoking the spirit of Janis Joplin, Paradis actually sounds more like a young Grace Slick, tough and uncompromising. The lyrics are just as earthy, but full of evocative imagery." - ELMORE MAGAZINE


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