Sulfur City is everything rock music is supposed to be. Loud, gritty, dangerous, sexual, political, and unafraid, the band connects directly with the spirit of this thing of ours and reminds us all of its fiercely nonconformist nature. The band lays down a tough-grooving, edgy, psychedelic, overwhelming, and roadhouse-leveling sound led by vocalist and electric washboardist Lori Paradis, whose presence is immediate and unforgettable. Her lyrics express the life she’s led and the world around the band. The lineup of Paradis, guitarist/vocalist Jesse Lagace, bassist/vocalist Steve Smith, and drummer/vocalist Sam King is raw, nonnegotiable, and burns like a house on fire. 

The band will be releasing a new record in 2018 called No Way Out. The set has been eagerly anticipated and many close to Sulfur City feel strongly that it will help the group level up and attract a larger audience. It is a potent mix of rough-hewn soul, blast furnace boogie, and tales of the beaten down and infamous. Fans of Janis Joplin and Patti Smith will recognize the vibe but this isn’t a lesson in musical history. Like Jack White and Black Keys, Sulfur City makes up-to-the-minute rock and roll that builds on classic blocks but lives in the modern world with the rest of us.. Think all the great rock music has already been made? Meet your new favorite band.

“I’m not going to waste any of your time by throwing superlatives around for the next ten lines , so here it goes, stellar all round band, blues based jams that will remind you of nothing but Legends, a voice you will always remember hearing for the first time, lyrics that scream truth and all in all one of my favorite new bands of 2016, so dig in.” -

[5/5 stars!] “Not too many bands can incorporate all the different sounds that Sulfur City does on this album. This band pretty much stands in a class by itself.” – L.A. EXAMINER


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