Known for their loud and gritty rock and roll; "Sulfur City evoke the hard-charging, uncompromising Murder City garage-punk intensity of Radio Birdman and Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, with elements of retro soul, psychedelia, a little funk and a fearlessly populist political sensibility." (NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY), Sulfur City has stepped into a new project that grumbles and searches for the truth in the ever changing political, social, emotional make-up and imperfections of everyday life. Holding onto their fearlessly populist political sensibility and punk intensity they have turned to spoken word and electronic music to develop and express a hyper-informative society in a global community.  
This new project is pairing down to the core, Lori Paradis and Jesse Lagace.  It's been an absolute roadblock trying to imagine a future with a traditional band and with traditional venues no longer at our disposal. In this new artistic practice they are delving into new sounds with the implementation of midi sequencers and analogue Synths.  Jesse has been diving into the world of electronic music, and the spoken word allows Lori to be more transparent in her writing and her verse.


Sulfur City embodies everything rock music is supposed to be. Loud and gritty. Dangerous and unafraid. Sexual and political. The band connects directly with our restless souls and reminds us of the fiercely nonconformist nature of it. The band lays down edgy Psychedelic Garage Rock and Roll led by vocalist  Lori Paradis. Her presence is immediate and unforgettable with lyrics that echo the world we all share. Haunting and poetic they show us the truth of humanity.

Following up on their well-received album, ‘Talking Loud’ released by Alive Naturalsound Sulfur City released a new record entitled ‘NO WAY OUT’ February 14, 2020.  

"How could a band improve on just about every single aspect of their writing and perfromance, not change their signature sound but yet make every single aspect of the record better than everything they had out out before?" - Nik Cameron, Glacially Musical

“I’m not going to waste any of your time by throwing superlatives around for the next ten lines , so here it goes, stellar all round band, blues based jams that will remind you of nothing but Legends, a voice you will always remember hearing for the first time, lyrics that scream truth and all in all one of my favorite new bands of 2016, so dig in.” -

[5/5 stars!] “Not too many bands can incorporate all the different sounds that Sulfur City does on this album. This band pretty much stands in a class by itself.” – L.A. EXAMINER